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Postpartum Doula Support

We have to love on the parents as much as the baby. Babies get all the attention but as new parents, you need just as much attention. As your postpartum doula I am there to help you. Maybe you need a shower, a nap, lunch or all three! I can help with light housekeeping, entertaining your toddler or just listening to you. I’m there to help with breastfeeding, diaper changes, bathing and newborn care. I can teach you how to wear your baby and how to use all those gadgets you’ve never known you needed. I bring experience, professionalism and knowledge so you can relax and just enjoy your baby.

Daytime Support

Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the parents? As a postpartum doula, I am there to support parents while they rest and recover. I offer breastfeeding support, sibling help, baby laundry, light tidying up, local referrals and newborn care and education. Upon arrival I ask my clients what they need that day, sometimes it’s a nap or shower, often it’s just someone to talk to. I am there to support you in any way I can. I have a 4 hour minimum and typically schedule clients in the morning due to my own children’s schedules. 

$55 per hour

Overnight Support

I offer overnight support for local families. With a minimum of 8 hours, I will come to your house at 10:00 pm and help care for your newborn overnight, while you catch up on some much needed sleep. If you are breast-feeding I will bring the baby to you for feedings then change them and get them back down so you can drift off back to sleep. If bottle feeding I will care for and feed baby while you sleep. I can also fold laundry, wash and sterilize bottles and pump parts and make sure everything is ready for you in the morning. I do rest when the baby sleeps so I require a place to lie down, a couch, a guest room or even an air mattress is fine.

$550 per night

Antepartum Services

Some parents need a little guidance before their baby arrives. Maybe you need help setting up the nursery, or trying to figure out which products you actually need. We can set up a time before the baby comes to help answer any questions you may have, give suggestions for nursery set up, help wash all those new baby clothes, or show you how to use all the gadgets you received at your baby shower. 

$50 per hour

This can be combined with the Newborn Care Class $320 (4 hours)


Yardley, PA

Mariah Martin Postpartum Doula serves Yardley, Newtown, Princeton and Langhorne as well as the surrounding areas



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