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Postpartum Doula Support

We have to love on the parents as much as the baby. Babies get all the attention but as new parents, you need just as much attention. As your postpartum doula I am there to help you. Maybe you need a shower, a nap, lunch or all three! I can help with light housekeeping, entertaining your toddler or just listening to you. I’m there to help with breastfeeding, diaper changes, bathing and newborn care. I can teach you how to wear your baby and how to use all those gadgets you’ve never known you needed. I bring experience, professionalism and knowledge so you can relax and just enjoy your baby.

Early Mornings

I offer early morning services 6am-10am. Maybe you need some extra sleep in the morning but your newborn is wide awake or you need a second set of hands to help with your early rising toddler while you and your baby sleep in.

Daytime Support

This is my most popular service! I schedule a minimum of 4 hours either in the morning or the afternoon to come assist you with your newborn. I am there to support the entire family in any way I can. From breastfeeding support to unloading the dishwasher I am there to make sure that you are being taken care of while you rest and recover.

Evening Support

I offer evening services from 4pm-8pm, sometimes known as the “Witching Hour.” Maybe you need someone to help with the baby while you cook dinner, help with homework, spend time with your partner or older kids or just relax after a long day.

Antepartum Services

Some parents need a little guidance before their baby arrives. Maybe you need help setting up the nursery, or trying to figure out which products you actually need. We can set up a time before the baby comes to help answer any questions you may have, give suggestions for nursery set up, help wash all those new baby clothes, or show you how to use all the gadgets you received at your baby shower. This can be combined with the Newborn Care Class

$40-50 per hour doula support


Yardley, PA

Mariah Martin Postpartum Doula serves Yardley, Newtown, Princeton and Langhorne as well as the surrounding areas