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When my husband and I had our daughter, Mariah helped us to adjust to life as infant parents, both in allowing us to get a few extra hours of much needed sleep and guidance in providing the best care for our daughter. Mariah’s expertise was truly invaluable; she helped me become more comfortable and confident as a mother.”

Mariah is a dream post-partum doula. She is meticulous, thoughtful, caring, attentive to every detail, flexible, comforting, and a godsend for new moms, dads and babies. As a first time mom, Mariah made navigating the first few weeks of parenthood for both me and my husband an experience memorable, delightful and super productive. Mariah combines providing comfort to new parents and the baby with imparting necessary skills and knowledge that equips parents to take charge of their new journeys. Mariah goes above and beyond the call for duty; she is extremely professional but always keeps the human touch, animated, and radiant. My baby felt happy, secure and at peace with Mariah during his first six weeks of life. What I most appreciated about the care and support Mariah provided our family is that in addition to caring for my baby, she especially made strides and efforts to be there for me as a mother with things small and big. That made my first weeks in the new role of motherhood so much smoother and happier. Mariah is also a great pre-partum doula. My husband and I learnt a lot about hands-on skills and what to expect after the baby’s arrival in an excellent online class on newborn care that Mariah kindly offered us. All in all, if there ever was such a thing as super duper doula, Mariah is that!”



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